How I Angered My Parents and Gained a Career

Hi. I’m Nick. I like to make things go boom.

I grew up in a little town in Washington. Don’t worry, you’ve never heard of it. All you need to know is that bigfoot liked to hang out in my backyard and I spent my days running around the woods hiding from him. That is, until I watched Jurassic Park. It was then that I knew I was made to create visual effects. I gave up my hunt for the big guy and spent many hours on my computer, much to the chagrin of my parents, who told me I was wasting my time inside playing and it would never amount to anything.

Then, simply to anger them further, I went to art school. A few years later, I graduated with honors from The Art Institute of Seattle and I made my way out into the world of games. I got my start at Flying Lab Software, working with some really amazing people and having a great excuse to talk like a pirate all the time as we worked on Pirates of the Burning Sea. I got married shortly after starting at FLS and soon started my mission to repopulate the world with attractive, yet quirky children. So far, I’ve succeeded thrice.

After leaving Flying Lab, I decided to move to Texas, because why not? I landed at Gearbox Software where I had the chance to make all sorts of things go boom and create scopes for 87 Bazillion guns (you can see some of my booms in the awesome rap I linked). I’ve had a great time working there and they even made me a Senior FX artist.

After my stint at Gearbox, I found an opportunity to make little booms for iPads with Hammer and Chisel. I got to do all the FX for Fates Forever. Little booms are fun, but I think next time around, I want to make BIG booms for next gen gaming. Since Hammer and Chisel no longer needs my awesomenes, the game is afoot and I am searching for a new home for me and my booms.

What’s next for me? Maybe I’ll head back to my childhood home to chill with bigfooot and watch Jurassic Park with my bestie (beastie?) Or maybe I’ll keep making FX because I’m kind of addicted to it.


(art by my wonderfully weird Washingtonian wife)