Mobile Gaming: Fates Forever


The mobile game I’m working on , Fates Forever, has secured more funding!

Hey Everyone – Jason here from Hammer & Chisel.

I want to thank you all for trying out Fates Forever and being a part of making the best MOBA possible on iPad. Today I’m really stoked to announce that we have raised an $8,200,000 round of investment lead by Benchmark Capital’s Mitch Lasky. Mitch was the first major investor in Riot Games (the company behind league of legends) and sat on their Board of Directors providing instrumental guidance to the company.

An event like this is a stepping stone on our journey together as a community and a company. For the last sixteen months we have been passionately crafting what we believe is the best way to bring high quality “PC Style” core games to tablets. Mitch’s vote of confidence in Fates Forever and the team here at H&C is incredibly meaningful. It underscores our vision that tablets are on a trajectory to be the next major personal computing device in the world. Most importantly, with this new financial support we’ll be able to accelerate hiring and maintain an aggressive focus of bringing core games to tablets.

Since we launched FF in Europe last summer we’ve been having an incredible amount of fun engaging with you guys. The amount of positive, constructive feedback you’ve given us has surpassed our wildest expectations. For that and your continued support, from everyone at Hammer & Chisel, I want to thank you all for supporting us!

Thanks so much and we’ll see you in battle on the Vale of Redemption!

  • Jason Citron

Exciting times! This game is a blast to work on as well as play. I’ll be sure to update with links the the store when the game is available for download in the US.