Time for a New VFX Adventure

I’ve spent nearly the past two years working with an amazing team at Hammer and Chisel. It’s been a great opportunity and I am thankful for the time I spent there.

I have worked as a senior VFX artist as well as technical artist. I am also currently employed teaching FX at a community college imparting industry knowledge on the young and impressionable. I’m a 2004 graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle. I have several shipped titles including Fates Forever, Borderlands 2 and DLC content, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem Forever and Pirates of the Burning Sea.

My Specializations Include

– Unreal 3.X, Unreal 4.X, UDK
– Particles (Cascade)
– Vertex and Pixel Shaders / Materials
– Maya Fluids
– Unity
– Unity Particles (Shuriken)
– Post Processing Effects
– Parametric / Node Based Editors
– Photoshop
– Mobile Game Development for Android / iOS using above engines
– Some C#/scripting
– Some Hard Surface Modeling
– zBrush, Maya, Modo, Blender

– Learning Houdini VFX Tools
– Learning Allegorithmic Substance Designer
– Always willing and ready to learn MORE!

I am a quick learner and have quickly adjusted to any changes in software used by the teams I had the pleasure of working with. I am excited for new opportunities.

I am currently living just outside of Dallas, TX, but I am willing to relocate for the right position.


  1. Williamowet
    Jun 14, 2015
    This text is priceless. How can I find out more? Legendario.